Kathleen Bustamante

I have held a number of titles during my lifetime, but the longest-running title is that of college instructor.

In total, I have taught writing at the college level for fifteen years, and after about ten years teaching college writing to mostly freshmen and sophomores, the thought occurred to me that instead of practicing the craft that brings me the most joy, I have spent countless hours teaching others how to do write rather than making time to write for my own happiness. And you know what they say about people who teach versus people who do…

Finally, I made up my mind to write for my own pleasure with the hopes of sharing my work with others. Not long after making that decision, I was presented with the opportunity to join Portland Moms Collective (known at that time as Portland Moms Blog) as a regular contributor. Through that experience I learned loads about writing for a digital audience, hashtags, SEOs and many other acronyms. Many of my articles were well-received by readers and a couple even went viral., landing me a couple of local television news spots. The experience increased my confidence as a writer and I realized that my unique perspective could be shared among other more well-read avenues. So, I began writing articles for other publications.

During this process, I also learned that not everything I write is ready or meant for publication by magazines, newspapers, or journals. Instead, some topics are best reserved for my own website. And you have landed on that very website.

I look forward to sharing musings on faith, politics, travel, parenting, teaching and other topics on this page.

Thank you for visiting.

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